Woodville Workshop.  We are engaged in the creation of props for the commercial shooting and food photo. In our store you can find sorts of interesting solutions for the best shot. All items are made by our decorators in the workshop. The photobackdrops we produce are of limited amount, therefore you can be sure in these backdrops’ unicity.

– Woodville –

Do what you love, love what you do.
We put our hearts and souls into every product we make. Every day we are looking for new textures, favourable colors, the perfect combination. We pay attention to all the details and the little things. We are looking attentively to be sure in the product quality. We always work hand in hand with the photographers in order to make our products better. You can be assured that with the entire team of highly qualified experts is working with you.


All our surfaces are coated with matte varnish which provides better surface protection from external influence such as water or various types of pollution. You can use water during the shooting, but try to minimize it as much as possible since the basis of the each backdrop is wooden, and wood does not take long contact with most liquids well enough. We recommend using a soft bristle brush for backdrop care as it is very convenient remove dirt. For particularly stubborn dirt you can use any kind of damp cloth. We do not recommend direct contact of food products with backdrops. Backdrop is an equivalent for a countertop or a wooden table. Please, do use utensils for food photo shooting and be sure not to use photobackdrops as a cutting board or a working surface.
Here we would like to provide you with a few quick tips for backdrop storage. First and foremost, we recommend you to keep backdrops in space which is sufficiently dry and moisture-free. Do not keep photobackdrops on the open balconies and near heating elements. In addition, long exposure to direct sunlight may have a negative effect on the surface. By following these simple rules for the use you will extend the life of your photobackdrop. 
If you have any further quires, you can always send us an email and we will be glad to answer all your questions.



We have wood and stone collections of photobackdrops.
Wooden backdrops is a single surface, consisting of wooden planks glued together. Depending on the finish backdrop can be smooth, or may be treated exhibiting the wood texture. In the manufacture of wooden backdrops used solid pine wood.
The basis of stone backdrops is a plywood, which is primed with various materials depending on the finish, which imitates the texture of stone, concrete, marble.
All our backdrops are double sided.
When ordering, you need to select the size and the reverse side of selected backdrop. We have two standard sizes: 54x54 and 72x72 cm. At the site only same collection are available to select reverse side, but it is possible to combine the surfaces from different collections. Each photobackdrop is handmade, so every surface looks in its own way, similar to the photos online. We make every effort to reproduce the backdrop identically to that you see in the image as much as possible.


If you can't find what you want, you can send us a detailed description or photo of desired surface. Our decorators will try to reproduce the desired surface.




We combine the products into groups for your convenience.
If you have any questions about ordering, about the materials used, or any other, please contact us and we will try to answer as fully as possible all the questions