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Discounted backgrounds

We have put on sale the backdrops which have a defect: the plywood basis isn’t entirely flat which means the backdrop is curved from one ore few angles.

It doesn’t really affect the practical use of the backdrop significantly, especially for overhead shots: this angle “neutralizes” the issues since you’re shooting from the top. However you need to take this effect into account and consider that the backdrop won’t lay perfectly flat on the table or floor and if you place, say, the glass on a curved angle, it won’t stay 100% perpendicularly to the surface. However it’s worth to mention that the angles and the edges of the backdrops are used for the photoshoots relatively rarely so in the majority of the cases you won’t feel any impact from this curve while saving on the backdrop price (the coupon codes - if you have any - are applicable for these backdrops too).



Before making the decision on purchasing the discounted background please make sure you check the photos which demonstrate the defect so that you could make a conclusion whether it is critical for your photography projects. 


Should you have any questions or require more information on a particular board please feel free to contact us on


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