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What our clients say about us and our work


Shwetha Elaina,


Dear Printed Backdrops,
Absolutely love the two backdrops I purchased from you.  These are the first backdrops I ever purchased on my food photography journey!
Rupert - Is one of the all-time favorite dark grey backdrops.  Very beautiful, easy to work with and most of all love the deep-sea wave hue that this backdrop offers.  This backdrop helped accentuate the strawberries and made it feel extra special!  Many thanks for having this in your collection, and I am glad to have this as a part of my collection.
Yarra - Totally in love with its pink hue.  So elegant and airy, it truly adds a touch of class to the food hero and props.  I value this very much and always look forward to using this.  I still reserve this one for special occasions and find this to be the most spectacular of my entire backdrop collection.  So glad you have this backdrop in your offerings.
Eagerly, looking forward to my recent order of beautiful backdrops from your store.
Many thanks and with best regards❤️




Here’s my review for the printed backdrops!
The printed backdrops from Backdrop Woodville are a wonderful addition to my collection: I love how easy they are to use and store, and they photograph just as beautifully as their rigid backdrops. They’re so easy to clean up, and look gorgeous in both photo and video!




I really love this background, easy to carry and to wash with a beautiful design and a great quality 




I’m so glad Woodville Workshop has started making printed backdrops. They are so realistic and life like. My favorite thing about them is that they lie completely flat very easily. They are also very matte and beautifully detailed so you don’t need to think twice about doing close up shots.




I'm so happy with my plastic background Oronico from Woodville, the rendering is incredible, the texture is just right. The positive points is that they don't take up much space and cleaning is easy! I love this background!




I'm in love with printed backdrops from Woodville. They are so unique and they look so realistic! My favorite so far is pink beauty "Sabine". I also have to mention that they provide one of the fastest shippings I've ever experienced and one of the best customer service team.🤍




I would love to recommend printed backdrops by Woodville for many reasons. However the most important to me is its quality. I used to work with many printed backgrounds before and I never had such a realistic print and so good quality that you cannot really tell it’s printed even if you take close up captures. I would never expect anything less from Woodville and again the work put into backdrops was above and beyond my expectations!




I got lucky and got one of the first set of prints when I purchased from your team during the BF sale. haha so happy!
Woodville already makes great wooden/textured backdrops and the printed backdrops certainly don't fall short. Asides from the high-res print quality which makes it all look even more realistic, the material itself of the printed backdrops is top notch. Lightweight, easy to roll up to put away but also when un-rolling it doesn't take much to get it flat once again. I own other vinyl backdrops but I like the sizing is slightly longer than others - every little bit extra counts! Can't also forget how the customer service team is just as fantastic as the product. Thank you Woodville 🙏🥰




I love my printed backdrops! I own Oldman and Aragon. They have gorgeous and unique designs that make them a joy to play with. And, more importantly, Oldman and Aragon both look very realistic as wood and tiles, respectively. It’s both fun and easy to use them!!




When I first received these printed backdrops I was especially surprised at how real the pink marble looked. I was so looking forward to getting my hands on it and it did not disappoint! And neither did the other backdrops that I got, they look like stone and are so easy to clean which makes me less stressed about mess and more likely to experiment with splashes and action shots. I’d also like to point out that the customer service is amazing and one of the reasons I think they are so good.




The beautifully printed backdrops that I got from Woodville are absolutely perfect.
Their service was flawless and delivery was prompt, the quality and variety of backdrops is great and price affordable.
Can’t wait to see their new editions!




I absolutely love my printed backdrop! I’ve always been a fan of Woodville’s high quality and gorgeous backdrops, but I wanted something that was a little more resilient to splashing, oil, and grease. The printed backdrop is so realistic and  gorgeous. Plus, it’s  easy to clean and care for! It also rolls up nicely and is so easy to store. I will definitely be purchasing more. Thank you woodville for always helping to bring my visions to life!


M. Aimee,


I love using backdrop Woodville printed backdrops! They are so beautifully made, with realistic looking textures without the weight! I also appreciate that the material can withstand liquid and stains with easy cleaning. I cant wait to grow my Woodville printed background collections!




I’m a huge fan of these printed backdrops. They lay 100% flat which is something I have not experienced with other backdrops like this. They perform much better than vinyl backdrops in my opinion. I would even use them for macro photography because they are completely matte and not grainy. The arrows on the border of the backdrop show you where you place your light for the most realistic shadows. The textures are insanely realistic. I’m very happy with them!




I love the Woodville Workshops printed backdrops! They don’t take up much space and are absolutely beautiful. I love the way my photos turn out when I use them. As a bonus, they can be cleaned easily by wiping them down with no staining. I have four already and will definitely be purchasing more! The quality is unmatched.




Hello!  I wanted to say that the printed backdrops are amazing!  the quality of the material is very good.  The print is super realistic and they come packaged very carefully.  Thank you!  I will definitely buy more often.




Love these printed backdrops so much!! The colors are amazing and the detail looks so beautiful for my food & product photography! They are so easy to clean and can conveniently roll them up to store them! Love my backdrops and can’t wait to collect more💜