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What our clients say about online masterclass “The Secrets of Harmonious Composition” by Daria Kalugina


Nov.18, 2019

It’s a very inspiring course!  [?] ?


Dec.19, 2019

Daria's masterclass on composition was my fav course/class of 2019! Worth the value x 10


Nov.19, 2019

This was not my first composition workshop, but the way Daria presented the information was new, and I learned a lot from this session. I really liked that Daria didn't just give the composition rules, but she gave us the unifying principles of a successful image, and the section with "mistakes to avoid" (like the tangent, or the part on splitting the subject visually) was really eye-opening! Daria has the gift of explaining complex concepts in a very clear way, so I took lots of notes during the presentation, and I will also watch the recording again, to help the information really "stick" haha. I also loved your translation because you understand the concepts she was explaining and made it clear for us to understand too - you ladies together made a winning team!

It was really useful that Daria was able to sketch during the presentation. Some points are harder to grasp with just slides and explanations, but when she did the sketches it really made the information come to life.


Nov.19, 2019

I just watched the Masterclass on Creating Harmonious Compositions straight through and loved every minute of it. 

Honestly, if this is the quality of masterclasses you put out, I would sign up for every single one!

I totally agree with some of the students that were on live, that having more of Daria's courses translated to English would be amazing. I also shoot solely in natural light, so I would love a course on that! I know eventually I will play with artificial light and I would definitely take her course. The only thing I would have loved to see was Daria's process of creating compositions and styling a shot. I believe she mentioned she had mentioned she had some other courses in which she did this.  

Three hours is a long time to sit through a webinar, but it really did go by so quickly. I can't wait to start shooting again after absorbing all of this information! 

It didn't really bother me that the training was bilingual. I definitely felt it was very comprehensive. I felt that the translations were done very well and thoroughly.


Nov.19, 2019

It was great!  [?]  I loved it and learnt lots! I will be happy to join another one in the future! Thanks for the great idea you have offering this masterclass  [☺️]


Nov.21, 2019

Thanks for the recording! I just finished watching. I have to say it was extremely useful esp coz I seem to have lost the inspiration to shoot off late. I am taking away loads of useful notes and guides. Thank you to Marina and Daria!


Nov.21, 2019

I wanted to thank Daria (the speaker) and Marina (translator) for the excellent masterclass. I have watched the recording and found it helpful, fun and inspiring. Daria's expertise was very easily explained thanks to your wonderful translation. It was fun seeing the two of you during the presentation as it gave the slideshow a human element. I loved everything about it.

I love also that I can rewatch the recording in the future for when I need a reminder or refresher, so thank you very much for that possibility.

In the video you mentioned about hosting possibly more classes, and I would very much like to have the opportunity to join those if it happens.

Thank you both again for putting this together, I hope it is the first of many, and that next time I can join live.


Nov.25, 2019

I saw the class and I liked it. Very informative. I think I will see it once again to better understand and fix some concepts. I would like to follow other classes with Daria but the translation in English is fundamental for me and yours has simplified to understand everything.


Nov.27, 2019

I enjoyed it! It was helpful. I appreciated that Daria talked about concepts beyond the rule of thirds and the three angles to photograph at and things like that, because if you’ve been doing food photography for more than a year you probably already know basic things like that :)