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Ticket for the online masterclass “The Secrets of Harmonious Composition” by Daria Kalugina

 The Secrets of Harmonious Composition
Format: Online masterclass on the powerful and user-friendly platform 
Speaker: Daria Kalugina, Russian professional advertising, product and food photographer
Date: 16 November 10 am PST (GMT-7)
Language: Online translation of the expert's speech from Russian to English
Duration: 2.5 hours 

Take your photography to next level! We recommend this informative masterclass to all the photographers and food stylists who want to improve their image composition and start creating the photos that evoke the emotional response from viewer. 

About the speaker: 

10 years shooting experience
15 years of Photoshop and Lightroom experience
5 years of teaching experience in food photography area
600+ commercial photoshoots
190+ masterclasses
Daria has been shooting all over the world working with different brands - among her clients are Chandon, Lindt, Rafaello, Luminarc, Heineken, Hilton and Swisshotel and many others. Over the past 10 years Daria has built up an impressive experience and launched her own online food photography school www.contrse.com with 1500+ alumni now.


In this online masterclass you won't hear about the common composition rules such as golden ratio, the rule of thirds, spirals etc. Daria will share with you interesting techniques of creating the harmonious photo - she will teach you how to work with perspective, geometry of the shot, how to organise all the elements of your composition to make it looking natural and aesthetically pleasant. 

Daria will walk you through the specificities of the composition depending on the angles and will show how you could plan the composition schematically in advance prior to the photoshoot. 

You will also review the top photography mistakes that could ruin even the most moody scene.

The things you will learn during the masterclass: 

- The secrets of the good composition
- How to use perspective in photography
- The secrets of creating natural looking photos
- Geometry in photography
- Composition techniques for different shooting angles
- How to plan your future shots in advance using flowcharts
- Top compositional mistakes to avoid

The speaker will be supporting all the program topics with the slides, photos and flowcharts. In the end of the master class Daria will answer all the questions during the Q&A session. 
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